October 11, 2017

Market Salad

Caprese Chicken & Green beans

Vegetarian Option: Pecan encrusted veggie cutlets with creamy sage dressing

Plain Cheese cake with turtle topping


October 25, 217

Waldorf salad

DMWC Bean Soup

Vegetarian Option: Same Soup, no ham


Platters of Halloween Cookies




October 18, 2017

Market Lasagna with broccoli

Vegetarian Option: 3 cheese spinach lasagna

Mini salted caramel & chocolate mini tarts





November 1, 2017

Market Salad

Meatloaf with Cheddar & Scallion mashed potatoes

Vegetarian Option: Eggplant marinara with cheddar and scallion mashed potatoes

Lemon Raspberry cake with raspberry drizzle