The Annual Sizzlin’ Summer Barbeque is coming soon, Saturday August 1st.

The word barbecue is also used to refer to a social gathering where food is served, usually outdoors in the late afternoon or evening. In the southern United States, outdoor gatherings are not typically called "barbecues" unless barbecue itself will actually be on the menu, instead generally favoring the word "cookouts".[*citation needed*] The device used for cooking at a barbecue is commonly referred to as a "barbecue", "barbecue grill", or "grill". (Wikipedia)

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Did you know the Weber BBQ came out in 1952? To find out more REad about it here ---> ** The backyard ritual of grilling went well baack into the 1940's, then grilling happened most at campsites and picnics. After the WWI and WWII, and people started moving to the "burbs", backyard grilling and BBQing really took its hold into the 1950s and onto the 60s.

*Food and Network TV Site A History of Grilling

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The Annual Sizzlin’ Summer Barbeque is coming soon, Saturday August 1st.

We will be serving from 5 to 7 PM in the air-conditioned comfort and beauty of the Art Galleries of Hoyt Sherman Place.

And do you know what “The price of our delicious barbequed pork loin dinner with all the fixin’s will be the same again this year. It’s a real bargain at $15 per person. This evening is still one delectable “BUY!”

Wine, beer and soft drinks will be available.

Enclosed are four tickets for you to purchase and/or sell to others that might be interested. If you find you cannot attend, DONATIONS OF ANY AMOUNT would be appreciated.

Prior to Monday July 27, 2015, please send your check and any unsold tickets to Des Moines Women’s Club at Hoyt Sherman Place, 1501 Woodland Ave., Des Moines, IA 50309. Your check is your reservation.

Please join us and help make this a successful benefit for Des Moines Women’s Club with your supportive help we can do it. We will see you August 1st and don’t forget to wear your denim.

Best Regards,

The Sizzlin’ Summer Barbeque Committee

~xoxo~ (TrishaTrixie)


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