Hoyt Sherman Place Adopt a Painting Campaign


In 2012, Hoyt Sherman Place embarked on a multi-year project to restore fifty-two pieces in the collection which was acquired by the Des Moines Women's Club over the past 125 years.

Hoyt Sherman Place Foundation, responsible for the contents and collection of the HSP Art Galleries, evaluated the pieces and identified the need for conservation in a number of paintings.  Once the paintings are selected and adopted, they are shipped to Bauman Conservation in the Chicago area. (Click here for an 2013 article about our project.)

We are grateful to the many donors who have already adopted our paintings, or have donated unrestricted funds to cover transportation and insurance costs of the project.  Adopt A Painting was partially funded by a generous donation from the estate of Donna Emmons, a former Des Moines Women's Club President.  For more information about our early painting collection read this April 1909 Article from Midwestern by Women's Club charter member Calista Halsey.

As of October 2016, forty-three canvases have been completed and the final seven adopted paintings are currently being restored. The frames of several recently completed paintings are not yet complete.   You may view these paintings in the gallery below, or in person in the galleries at Hoyt Sherman Place.  For more information on individual paintings, click here. 

For more information on our project call Hoyt Sherman Place: 515-244-0507, email John Bryan.

Adopted and Currently in Restoration

Completed paintings

Donors List